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DMX Adapter Cable | XLR 3-Pin Male – RJ45 Male | 0.3 m | Grey


XLR Adapter Stereo | XLR 3-pin Female – 6.3 mm Female | Black

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DMX Adapter Cable | XLR 3-Pin Male – XLR 5-Pin Female | 0.3 m | Grey


  • Durable connector for a firm connection
  • Highly flexible cable for easy bending
  • Ideal for amplifiers
  • music instruments and microphones
  • Latch lock prevents accidental disconnection
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  1. DMX Adapter Cable: This cable is designed for use in DMX (Digital Multiplex) lighting and control systems. DMX is a widely used protocol in the entertainment industry for controlling lighting fixtures, such as stage lights, moving heads, and LED fixtures.
  2. XLR 3-Pin Male: One end of the cable features a male XLR 3-pin connector. XLR connectors are commonly used in professional audio and lighting equipment due to their robust and secure locking mechanism.
  3. XLR 5-Pin Female: The other end of the cable has a female XLR 5-pin connector. XLR connectors with 5-pins are specific to DMX connections, where the additional pins are used for carrying control data and power for the lighting fixtures.
  4. 0.3 m: This specifies the cable length, which is 0.3 meters (approximately 1 foot). The cable’s length is relatively short, making it suitable for connecting devices in close proximity to each other.
  5. Grey: The color of the cable’s outer jacket is grey. Cable color does not affect its performance but can be useful for organization and easy identification in a setup with multiple cables.


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