High Performance iPod/iPhone/iPad to USB interconnect
PROI 2102

Supplied with a 10 year warranty against design defects this is the ultimate interconnect for safely connecting your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your computer or charging device. Employing the same high quality construction as the rest of the range it boasts heavy-gauge metal plugs at either end for unparalleled durability, as well as heavy-duty moulded strain relief collars where the cable joins the plugs (a common failure point). Two IAT (Interference Absorption Technology) modules are fitted and because it's so well screened Profigold has also been able to make the interconnect a useful 2m long instead of the usual 1m length, while still being able to guarantee perfect synchronisation without data loss.

High Performance Dock Connector AV Interconnect for iPod/iPhone/iPad
PROI 2302

Apple's mobile devices are now capable of delivering a dazzling array of audio/video content but listening and viewing it on the device itself can be occasionally a touch limiting, especially if you want your friends and family to join in the fun too. That's why Profigold has created the PROI 2302. Built to the highest standards, with weighty metal plugs and durable strain relief this 2m long interconnect allows you easily to deliver the content on your Apple device to a flat screen TV (that has AV inputs or) or, for even better sound quality, a separate hifi or AV system. Constructed with fully shielded (using foil and braid screening) superior grade copper cable the PROI 3302 also employs Profigold's signature IAT (Interference Absorption Technology), to minimise noise and interference. The result is an interconnect that transmits all audio and video content to your TV/hi-fi/AV system with the absolute minimum of signal degradation.



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