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Balanced XLR Audio Cable | XLR 3-Pin Male – 6.35 mm Male Grey

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XLR Audio Cable | XLR 3-Pin Male – 2x RCA Male Grey

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Balanced XLR Audio Cable | XLR 3-Pin Female – 6.35 mm Male Grey 1.5m


  • Durable die-cast zinc connector for a firm connection
  • Highly flexible cable for easy bending
  • Ideal for amplifiers
  • music instruments and microphones
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  1. Connector Types: The cable has an XLR 3-pin female connector on one end and a 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) male connector on the other end. The XLR connector is commonly used in professional audio equipment, while the 6.35 mm connector is often found on instruments, headphones, amplifiers, and some audio interfaces.
  2. Balanced Audio: This cable is designed for balanced audio transmission, which means it has two audio conductors (signal and inverted signal) along with a ground connection. Balanced audio cables are suitable for longer cable runs and provide better immunity to noise and interference.
  3. Length: The cable is 1.5 meters long (approximately 4.9 feet), offering a convenient length for connecting audio devices within close proximity.
  4. Color: The cable is described as “Grey,” which refers to the color of its outer jacket. The color is purely aesthetic and doesn’t affect the cable’s functionality.

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