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Sinox Plus Audio Cable 3.5 mm – 2 RCA Male


Digital Audio Cable | RCA Male – RCA Male Anthracite

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Sinox Digital Optical Cable Angled


For the clearer sound and purer signal transmission

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  1. Flexibility: The cable itself and the plug on one or both ends are designed to be highly flexible. This flexibility allows them to bend or flex easily without causing damage to the cable or affecting the signal transmission.
  2. Easy Positioning: The flexi plug design allows you to adjust the angle or position of the cable and plug to fit into tight spaces or unconventional setups. It helps users adapt to different audiovisual configurations without having to use additional adapters or compromise on cable routing.
  3. Versatility: The cable’s flexi plug design makes it versatile for various audio and video setups. It can be particularly useful when connecting devices in home theaters, gaming setups, studio environments, or any situation where traditional rigid cables might be impractical.
  4. Durability: Despite being flexible, the design ensures that the cable remains durable and maintains signal integrity. It is designed to withstand repeated bending and movement without weakening the connection or damaging the cable.
  5. Application: The SINOX flexi plug design can be found in a range of SINOX cables, such as HDMI cables, audio cables, or other AV cables, depending on the specific model and product line.


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