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Sinox Plus Audio Cable 3.5 mm – 2 RCA Male

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Subwoofer Cable,RCA male-RCA Male

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Subwoofer Cable | RCA Male | RCA Male | Gold Plated || Round | 4.5 mm | Anthracite / Gunmetal | Cover Box

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Premium design aluminium alloy connector housing providing a durable product finish, 4k gold-plated contacts for protection against corrosion and ensuring a solid data transfer, Braided nylon cable protection for guaranteed long time reliability and protection against ultraviolet light effects, Excellent grade oxygen free copper conductors for superiour and crystal clear audio quality, Multiple twisted cable shielding, for maximum protector against radio frequency interference


  • Subwoofer Cable: This cable is specifically designed for connecting a subwoofer speaker to an audio system or amplifier. It is optimized for low-frequency audio signals to deliver deep bass.
  • RCA Male: The cable features RCA connectors on both ends. RCA connectors are commonly used in audio applications and provide a reliable connection for transmitting analog audio signals.
  • Gold Plated: The connectors are gold plated, which helps improve conductivity and reduce signal loss. Gold plating also provides corrosion resistance, ensuring a durable and long-lasting connection.
  • Round: The cable has a round shape, which is a common form factor for subwoofer cables. The round design allows for easy routing and flexibility during installation.
  • 4.5 mm: This indicates the diameter of the cable, which is 4.5 millimeters. The cable’s thickness can affect its durability and flexibility.
  • Anthracite / Gunmetal: The cable has an anthracite or gunmetal color. This color choice is primarily for aesthetic purposes, allowing the cable to match or complement the appearance of your audio setup.
  • Cover Box: The cable comes with a cover box, which is a protective container for storing and transporting the cable. The cover box helps prevent tangles, damage, and keeps the cable organized when not in use.

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