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Digital Coax Audio Cable /Subwoofer cable


Connects digital audio device to an AV Receiver with digital coax connection, Oxygen free, 24K Gold Plated Connectors

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A digital coax audio cable, also known as a subwoofer cable, is a cable specifically designed for transmitting digital audio signals from a subwoofer to an audio receiver or amplifier. Here are some key features of a digital coax audio cable:

  • Coaxial Connection: The cable utilizes a coaxial connection, typically using RCA connectors, to transmit the digital audio signal. The coaxial connection carries the digital audio signal in the form of electrical pulses.
  • Subwoofer Connection: The cable is commonly used to connect a subwoofer to an audio system. It allows for the transmission of low-frequency audio signals, which are typical for subwoofers that reproduce deep bass sounds.
  • Shielding: Digital coax audio cables are usually shielded to minimize interference and ensure a clean and clear signal transmission. The shielding helps to prevent external electromagnetic interference from degrading the audio signal quality.
  • Compatibility: Digital coax audio cables are compatible with audio receivers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that have the appropriate coaxial input and output connections. They are commonly used in home theater systems, audio setups, and professional audio applications.
  • Length Options: The cables are available in various length options to suit different setups and distance requirements. Choose the appropriate length that suits your specific needs.
  • High-Quality Sound: A well-made digital coax audio cable ensures high-quality sound transmission, allowing for accurate and precise reproduction of the audio signal, particularly for low-frequency bass content.

When selecting a digital coax audio cable or subwoofer cable, it is essential to choose a reliable and well-constructed cable to ensure optimal signal transmission and minimize signal loss. Consider factors such as the cable’s construction quality, connector durability, and shielding effectiveness to ensure the best audio performance for your subwoofer setup.


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