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DMX Adapter Cable | XLR 3-Pin Male – RJ45 Male | 0.3 m | Grey


XLR Chassis Mount | XLR 3-pin Male | Black

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XLR Connector | XLR 3-pin Female Angled | Black


  • Durable die-cast zinc connector for a firm connection
  • Latch lock to prevent accidental disconnection
  • Specifically engineered for amplifiers
  • music instruments and microphones
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  1. XLR Connector: This is an XLR connector, a type of electrical connector commonly used in professional audio equipment for balanced audio connections. XLR connectors are known for their secure locking mechanism and ability to transmit balanced audio signals, which helps reduce interference and noise in audio transmission.
  2. XLR 3-pin Female Angled: This XLR connector has a female XLR 3-pin configuration and is designed in an angled form. The angled design allows for more flexibility and convenience in connecting XLR cables, especially in tight spaces or when the cable needs to be directed in a specific direction.
  3. Black: The color of the connector’s housing is black. The color of the connector does not affect its performance but can be useful for organization and easy identification in a setup with multiple connectors and cables.


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