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EBODE Infrared 3 Loops EMITTERS


EBODE Infrared 3 Loops EMITTERS

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  1. Infrared Emitters: The emitters are small devices that emit infrared signals, similar to the signals transmitted by most remote controls. These emitters typically have a small, adhesive backing that allows you to stick them directly onto the IR sensor of the target device (e.g., a TV, cable box, DVD player).
  2. 3 Loops: The “3 Loops” designation means that this set of emitters comes with three individual emitters. Each emitter can be used to control a separate device, so you can extend the IR signals to control up to three different devices.
  3. IR Extender System: These emitters are typically used in conjunction with an IR extender system, which consists of a receiver (usually placed near the remote control) and one or more emitters (placed near the devices to be controlled). The IR signals received by the receiver are then sent through the emitters to control the corresponding devices.
  4. Extending Remote Control Range: The primary purpose of these emitters is to extend the range of your infrared remote control. This is especially useful when you want to control devices that are located in a different room or behind closed cabinet doors, where direct line of sight between the remote and the devices is obstructed.
  5. Easy Installation: The emitters are usually easy to install. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick the emitter directly over the IR sensor of the device you want to control.
  6. Compatibility: The EBODE Infrared 3 Loops Emitters are designed to work with various IR extender systems and are compatible with most IR remote controls.

These emitters can be a convenient solution for anyone who wants to control their audiovisual equipment from a distance or when the equipment is not easily accessible. The IR extender system, combined with the emitters, helps you overcome the limitations of the direct line of sight required by traditional infrared remote controls.


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