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HDMI High Speed+Ethernet Cable, Fibre Optic Ultra HD, HDR, 4K60Hz,

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Sinox HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC)
HDMI™ Connector | HDMI™ Connector | 4K@60Hz | 18 Gbps | | Round | PVC | Gift Box

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  1. HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC): This indicates that the cable utilizes active optical technology for reliable signal transmission over long distances. AOC cables incorporate optical fibers to transmit the HDMI signal, allowing for longer cable runs without signal degradation.
  2. HDMI™ Connector: The cable features HDMI connectors on both ends. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a widely used interface for transmitting audio and video signals between devices such as TVs, monitors, projectors, and audio receivers.
  3. 4K@60Hz and 18 Gbps: The cable supports 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate, allowing for high-definition video playback with smooth motion. It also has a bandwidth of 18 Gbps, ensuring the transmission of high-quality audio and video signals.
  4. Round Cable: The cable has a round shape, which makes it flexible and easier to route compared to flat cables. The round design helps prevent cable tangling and allows for easier installation in various setups.
  5. PVC Jacket: The cable is coated with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) jacket. PVC provides protection for the internal cable components and enhances durability. It also helps with flexibility and insulation.

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