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Son of an amateur who was following the first steps of radio, Hammes Joseff Einrich was born in Dessau in 1919.

He grew up surrounded by valves and coils in a workshop where his father disarmed and studied the first radio receivers that went on the market.

At the outbreak of World War II he was enlisted in the German army, where he worked in the areas of research, radio control and telecommunications. During the postwar period he met businessman Karl Lohman in Berlin, who was amazed by his technical knowledge and the high fidelity of the high quality sound amplifiers and speakers that Einrich had developed and modeled for personal consumption.

Together they decided to start the production of prototypes with relevant characteristics in a Germany devastated by the war. For this they rescued some typical guidelines of the Bauhaus School. Functionality, little ornamentation, attractive designs, good quality and durability were always their principles.

They managed to identify the innovative aesthetic production with industrial machinery, but always maintaining the craftsmanship of their products. Essential feature of Einrich’s work since the days of the father’s workshop.


Years later, in 1996, a team of engineers, followers of Einrich’s ideas and knowledge, took up the passion, clinging to the ideas of the Bauhaus, creating the brand Thonet & Van Der Rohe, mentioning these two illustrious architects who were influential in that school.

After a short time they acquire relevance in the market, managing to close numerous exclusive production contracts for the main loudspeaker brands in Germany and Great Britain.


One of them, Ditter Lauts in 2002 decided with a partner to rename the brand, industrialize it respecting its design guidelines and launch it worldwide.

In 2004, they decided to build another new factory in the People’s Republic of China with their German quality standards and launched the first multimedia models of mass production.

A few years later in 2012 the renowned Thonet & Vander already had offices in Nuremberg, the United States and Argentina, distributors in 24 countries and is positioned as one of the most recognized audio brands in the market.

Currently the factory in Germany specializes in the manufacture of key components that are exported to China and there are assembled in the new factory in the province of Dongguan, which is a model worldwide.




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