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Stereo Audio Cable 3.5 mm Male | 2x RCA Male | Gold Plated |Window Box

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Stereo Audio Cable 2x RCA Male – 2x RCA Male | Gold Plated Cover Window Box


This Nedis® stereo audio cable with RCA connectors is suitable for connecting an audio device, such as a CD or DVD player, to an amplifier

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The Stereo Audio Cable with 2x RCA Male to 2x RCA Male connectors is a cable designed for audio connections. Here are some key features of this cable:

  • RCA Connectors: The cable features 2x RCA Male connectors on each end. These connectors are commonly used for analog audio connections and provide a secure and reliable connection between devices.
  • Gold-Plated Contacts: The RCA connectors are gold-plated, which helps improve signal transmission and minimize signal loss. Gold-plated contacts offer better conductivity and corrosion resistance, resulting in enhanced audio quality.
  • Stereo Audio Transmission: The cable supports stereo audio transmission, allowing you to connect devices such as audio systems, amplifiers, DVD players, or gaming consoles to speakers, receivers, or other audio equipment.
  • Cover Window Box: The cable is packaged in a cover window box, which provides a clear view of the cable inside. This type of packaging is convenient for storage, display, and protecting the cable when not in use.
  • Length Options: The cable is available in different length options to suit your specific needs. Choose the appropriate length that accommodates the distance between your audio devices.


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