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Data Cable on Reel 4x 0.12 mm² 100 m Dark Grey


Speaker Cable on Reel 2x 2.50 mm² 100 m Dark Grey

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Speaker Cable on Reel 2x 1.50 mm² 100 m Dark Grey


Designed with amplifiers and speakers in mind, this speaker cable delivers exceptional audio quality and reliability. Its 2x 1.50 mm² cross-sectional area ensures efficient power transmission, allowing your speakers to reproduce sound with accuracy and clarity.

Unparalleled Flexibility: This cable is engineered to be extremely flexible, making it effortless to bend and maneuver. Whether you need to navigate tight spaces or manage cable runs with ease, its flexibility ensures hassle-free installation.

Superb Shielding for Enhanced Performance: The double-isolated cores of this cable provide superb shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and external noise. This shielding ensures that your audio signal remains pure and uncorrupted, allowing you to enjoy crisp and distortion-free sound.

Versatile Connectivity: With its high compatibility, this cable seamlessly integrates with both XLR and jack connectors. Whether you’re using professional audio equipment or consumer-grade devices, this cable ensures a secure and reliable connection between amplifiers and speakers.

Thoughtful Design: The dark grey color of the cable adds a touch of sophistication and blends seamlessly with various environments. The sturdy construction ensures longevity and durability, making it suitable for both professional and home audio setups.

Length and Reel Convenience: With a generous length of 100 meters, this cable provides ample length for setting up speakers in various configurations and venues. The cable is conveniently housed on a reel, allowing for easy management and storage when not in use.

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Outside material PVC
Packaging Reel
Length 100 m
Colour Dark Grey
Audio type Stereo
Conductor material Copper
Cable design Round
Conductor diameter 2x 1.50 mm²
Diameter 8 mm


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