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XLR Audio Cable | 2x XLR 3-Pin Male – 3.5 mm Male Grey

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Speaker Cable 1.5 mm² | Speaker 2-Pin Female – 6.35 mm Male Grey

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Speaker Cable 1.5 mm² | Speaker 2-Pin Female – Speaker 2-Pin Female Grey

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  • Durable die-cast zinc connector for a firm connection
  • Latch lock prevents accidental disconnection
  • Highly flexible cable for easy bending
  • Ideal for amplifiers
  • music instruments and microphones
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The “Speaker Cable 1.5 mm² | Speaker 2-Pin Female – Speaker 2-Pin Female Grey” is a specific type of speaker cable designed for connecting speakers to an audio system or amplifier. Speaker cables are used to carry the audio signal from the amplifier to the speakers, ensuring that sound is accurately transmitted and reproduced.

  1. Cable Gauge: The cable has a gauge of 1.5 mm², which refers to the cross-sectional area of the conductors inside the cable. The gauge affects the cable’s electrical resistance and its ability to carry the audio signal efficiently over longer distances.
  2. Speaker 2-Pin Female Connectors: The cable has 2-pin female connectors on both ends. These connectors are commonly used for connecting passive speakers to speaker outputs on amplifiers or audio systems. The 2-pin female connectors are also known as banana plugs.
  3. Length: The cable’s length can vary, but it is typically available in various lengths to suit different speaker setups and distances between the speakers and the amplifier.
  4. Color: The cable is described as “Grey,” which refers to the color of the cable’s outer jacket. The color is primarily for aesthetics and doesn’t affect the cable’s performance.

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