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CAT6 F/UTP Network Cable | Solid – 305 m | Grey


Speaker Cable 2x 1.0 mm² Reel LSZH Black

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Speaker Cable 2x 0.75 mm² Reel LSZH Black


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  • Speaker Cable: This cable is designed specifically for connecting speakers to audio equipment, such as amplifiers or receivers. It carries the audio signal from the amplifier to the speakers.
  • 2x 0.75 mm²: This indicates that the cable consists of two separate conductors, each with a cross-sectional area of 0.75 square millimeters (mm²). The 2x configuration means there are two conductors within the cable, typically used for connecting the positive and negative terminals of a speaker.
  • Reel: The cable comes wound on a reel, which makes it convenient for storage, transportation, and installation. The reel allows for easy unwinding and cutting to the desired length.
  • LSZH: LSZH stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen, which refers to the type of insulation material used on the cable. LSZH cables are designed to minimize the release of smoke and toxic halogen gases when exposed to fire or high temperatures. This type of cable is commonly used in environments where safety and reduced smoke emission are important, such as public buildings or enclosed spaces.
  • Black: The cable is black in color, which is a common aesthetic choice for speaker cables. The color doesn’t affect the performance but can help with cable identification and blending in with the surroundings.


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