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Brennenstuhl Surge Protected Extension Socket Premium-Protect-Line 6-Way3.00 m – Schuko / Type F (CE

Brennenstuhl Surge Protected Extension Socket

Brennenstuhl Surge Protected Extension Socket Primera-Tec 7-Way2.00 m – Schuko / Type F (CEE 7/7)


Product specifications – Current 16 A, Power plug Schuko / Type F (CEE 7/7), Voltage AC 230 V, Power 3500 W, IP rating IP20, Surge protection 19.500 A, Master/slave function Yes

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These specifications provide important information about the electrical capacity, compatibility, and features of the extension socket.

The current rating of 16 A indicates that it is designed to handle a maximum continuous current of 16 amps. The power plug type is Schuko / Type F (CEE 7/7), which is commonly used in European countries.

The voltage rating of AC 230 V means it is compatible with the standard voltage supply in most European countries.

The power rating of 3500 W indicates the maximum power load the extension socket can handle without causing any damage. This means you can safely connect devices with a combined power consumption of up to 3500 watts.

The IP rating of IP20 signifies that the extension socket is protected against solid objects larger than 12.5 mm in diameter (e.g., fingers) but does not provide protection against water.

The surge protection rating of 19,500 A indicates the maximum surge current that the extension socket can handle before the surge protection kicks in to safeguard connected devices.

The master/slave function means that you can configure certain outlets to act as master outlets, while others will be designated as slave outlets. When the master device (e.g., a computer) is turned on or off, it will control the power supply to the slave devices. This feature can be useful for managing power consumption and reducing standby power usage.


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