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Bandridge (Netherlands) Micro USB 3A Fast Charging Data Cable with 480 Mbps Data Sync Speed and PVC Jacket Protection (2 Meter)


Bandridge BSC173-60 mlM Notebook Cleaning Kit

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Bandridge Blue Loudspeaker (2×0.75mm2)


Bandridge Blue Loudspeaker (2×0.75mm2)

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  1. Brand: Bandridge: “Bandridge” is the brand name or manufacturer of the speaker cable. Brand names help identify the company or entity that produces the product.
  2. Blue Loudspeaker: The cable is labeled as “Blue Loudspeaker,” which might indicate its color or a specific product line by the manufacturer. Cable colors are often used for easy identification and organization in audio setups.
  3. (2×0.75mm2): This specifies the cross-sectional area of the individual conductors within the cable. In this case, the speaker cable consists of two conductors, each with a cross-sectional area of 0.75 square millimeters (mm2). The cross-sectional area is a measure of the conductor’s size and indicates its capacity to carry electrical current.

Speaker cables with larger cross-sectional areas typically have lower resistance and can handle more power, resulting in better audio performance and efficiency.

In summary, the “Bandridge Blue Loudspeaker (2×0.75mm2)” is a speaker cable with two conductors, each having a cross-sectional area of 0.75 square millimeters. It is designed for connecting loudspeakers to audio amplifiers or receivers. The cable’s blue color might be used for easy identification and aesthetics in audio setups. When choosing speaker cables, it’s essential to consider factors such as the cable length, gauge (cross-sectional area), and the specific requirements of your audio system to ensure optimal audio performance and compatibility.


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