Smarter Connections for Smarter Technology

Imported from Denmark

Sinox Europe provides Smarter Accessories for Smart TV and Technology

About Sinox

Since 1993, The Selek Group has established itself as a major distributor of A Brand Audio, Video and IT accessories in Scandanavia.

In 2011, it recruited top industry professionals, formed exclusive strategic alliances with specialist production houses and created Sinox Europe A/S to launch Sinox across Europe.

Sinox offers Smarter accessories for the consumer and simple tools to help retailers maximise rotation and return from core AV accessory categories.

Smarter Quality

The Sinox HD Digital Antenna Range includes halogen-free cables which are safety – tested to some of the most exacting standards in Europe. What’s more, in an age of High Definition transmission, where digital transmission either stands or falls by the quality of antenna connections, Sinox guarantee solutions that handle even the most demanding of High Frequency requirements.

Sinox’s HD Premium, Sinox PLUS and Connectech by Sinox antenna cables are constructed to and certified by Danish Digital Standards STOFA and YOUSEE – some of the highest in Europe.



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