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Bandridge VGA Cable VGA Male – VGA Male 5 Mtr


VGA Cable|VGA Male – VGA Male

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VGA Cable VGA Male – VGA Male

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This VGA cable can be used to connect a video or multimedia monitor with a high resolution to a computer. Beside that the cable can also be used for connecting a beamer or KVM switches, Conductor material : Copper, Maximum resolution 1024×768

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  1. Connector Types: Both ends of the cable have VGA Male connectors. These connectors have 15 pins arranged in three rows and are typically colored blue. One end of the cable connects to the VGA output port on a computer or laptop, while the other end connects to the VGA input port on a monitor, projector, or other display device.
  2. Analog Video: VGA is an analog video signal, which means it transmits video data as continuous voltage fluctuations. It does not carry audio, so a separate audio cable may be required if you also want to transmit audio to the display device.
  3. Resolution: VGA cables can support various resolutions, but their maximum resolution capabilities are lower than modern digital standards like HDMI or DisplayPort. The maximum resolution often depends on the quality of the cable and the devices it connects.
  4. Durability: VGA cables are generally sturdy and durable, making them suitable for both home and professional use.
  5. Compatibility: VGA cables are widely compatible with older computers, laptops, monitors, projectors, and some older TVs. However, many modern devices, particularly laptops and computers, no longer come equipped with VGA ports.

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