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Techly Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable 5m


Bandridge Stereo Audio Cable 3.5 mm Male – 2x RCA Male 3 Mtr

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Digital Audio Cable TosLink Male – TosLink Male 1 Mtr


  • 24K gold plated contacts, Easy Grip design plugs
  • Shielded cable for interference-free signal transfer
  • 99.96% oxygen-free copper
  • Durable flexible jacket to prevent conductor fractures
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  1. Digital Audio Cable: This cable is intended for transmitting digital audio signals. It is designed to carry audio data in a digital format, which ensures higher fidelity and quality compared to analog audio cables.
  2. TosLink: As mentioned earlier, TosLink, also known as Optical Audio or SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format), is a type of digital audio connection that uses optical fibers to transmit audio signals as light pulses. It’s commonly found on audio devices like soundbars, home theater systems, DVD/Blu-ray players, game consoles, and TVs.
  3. Male to Male: The cable has TosLink male connectors on both ends. This means that both ends of the cable have the same type of connector, and you can use it to connect two devices with TosLink optical ports.
  4. 1 Mtr: This specifies the cable length, which is 1 meter (approximately 3.3 feet). The cable’s length is important to consider depending on the distance between the devices you want to connect.


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