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Bandridge SVL3305-5.0M Premium Performance Component Video Cable


Bandridge SVL3305-5.0M Premium Performance Component Video Cable

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  1. Connector Types: The cable features three male RCA connectors on each end. The connectors are color-coded as red, green, and blue. These correspond to the three component video channels: Y (luminance or brightness), Pb (blue color-difference), and Pr (red color-difference).
  2. Length: The cable has a length of 5.0 meters (approximately 16.4 feet), providing flexibility in connecting devices that are at a moderate distance from each other.
  3. Video Quality: Component video offers superior video quality compared to standard composite video connections. It separates the video signal into three distinct channels, resulting in better color reproduction and overall image clarity.
  4. Premium Performance: The cable is designed with high-quality materials and construction to ensure optimal signal transmission and minimal signal degradation.
  5. Usage: Component video cables are commonly used to connect DVD players, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and other video sources to TVs, projectors, or displays that support component video inputs.
  6. Compatibility: The Bandridge SVL3305-5.0M Premium Performance Component Video Cable is designed for devices that have component video outputs and inputs. Ensure that your devices support this type of video connection before using the cable.


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