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Speaker Cable 2x 1.0 mm² Reel LSZH Black


Speaker Cable on Reel 2x 1.50 mm² 50.0 m Black

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Bandridge Speaker Cable on Reel 2×0.50 mm? 200.0 m Transparent


  • Brand: Bandridge is a well-known manufacturer of audio and video cables, known for producing reliable and high-quality products.
  • Cable Construction: The cable features two conductors with a cross-sectional area of 0.50 mm each. This construction allows for efficient signal transmission and is suitable for connecting speakers to AV amplifiers.
  • Transparent Insulation: The cable has transparent insulation, which helps protect the conductors while allowing for easy identification and visibility of the cable’s internal structure.
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductor: The cable utilizes oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors. OFC is known for its high conductivity and low signal loss properties, which contribute to better signal quality and fidelity.
  • High-End Sound Quality: The cable is designed to maintain the integrity of the audio signal, ensuring high-end sound quality with minimal distortion or degradation.
  • Signal Transmission: The cable is engineered to maximize signal transmission, allowing for accurate and detailed audio reproduction.
  • Length and Reel: The cable comes in a convenient reel form with a length of 200.0 meters. This provides ample cable length for setting up speakers in larger rooms or for professional audio installations.
  • Compatibility: The Bandridge Speaker Cable on Reel with 2×0.50 mm cross-sectional area is suitable for connecting various types of speakers to AV amplifiers, including home theater systems, stereo setups, and professional audio applications.
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Bandridge Speaker Cable on Reel 2×0.50 mm? 200.0 m Transparent


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