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BANDRIDGE ValueLine 2-in-1 Charger & sync Cable | USB-A Male to Miro-B Male + Adapter (Blue)


Bandridge (Netherlands) Micro USB 3A Fast Charging Data Cable with 480 Mbps Data Sync Speed and PVC Jacket Protection (1 Meter)

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Bandridge SAL4801-1.0M Premium Performance Digital Coax Audio Cable


Bandridge SAL4801-1.0M Premium Performance Digital Coax Audio Cable

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  1. Digital Coax Audio Cable: This cable is specifically designed to transmit digital audio signals using a coaxial (coax) connection. Coaxial cables have a central conductor surrounded by a shield, which provides better shielding and reduced interference compared to other types of audio cables.
  2. 1.0M: This specifies the cable length, which is 1.0 meter (approximately 3.3 feet). The cable’s length is important to consider depending on the distance between the devices you want to connect.
  3. Premium Performance: The “Premium Performance” designation indicates that this cable is built to provide high-quality audio transmission with minimal signal loss or distortion. It may feature higher-grade materials and construction to ensure better audio fidelity.

In summary, the “Bandridge – 1.0M Premium Performance Digital Coax Audio Cable” is a 1-meter long coaxial cable designed for transmitting digital audio signals with high performance and minimal interference. It’s ideal for connecting devices that have digital coaxial audio ports, such as audio interfaces, CD/DVD players, home theater systems, and more. The premium construction aims to deliver superior audio quality and a reliable audio connection between compatible devices.


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