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Bandridge BCL1102-2.0M VGA Monitor Cable


Bandridge USB Extension Cable, Male To Female cord, For Printer, External Hard Drive, Usb Peripheral, 2 Meter

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Bandridge SAL3301-1.0M Premium Performance Portable Audio Cable


Bandridge SAL3301-1.0M Premium Performance Portable Audio Cable

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  1. Brand: Bandridge: “Bandridge” is the brand name or manufacturer of the audio cable. Brand names help identify the company or entity that produces the product.
  2. 1.0M: This refers to the length of the cable, which is 1.0 meter (approximately 3.3 feet). The cable’s length is important to consider based on the distance between the portable audio device and the audio equipment you want to connect it to.
  3. Premium Performance: The cable is marketed as a premium performance cable, suggesting that it is designed to provide high-quality audio transmission with minimal signal loss and interference. Premium performance cables are often built with better materials and construction to deliver superior audio fidelity.
  4. Portable Audio Cable: The cable is specifically designed for use with portable audio devices. This could include smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, portable speakers, or any other device with an audio output


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