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Bandridge (BCL4402) USB Mini 5-Pin Cable USB-A M-USB Mini 5Pin 2M


Bandridge (BCL4402) USB Mini 5-Pin Cable USB-A M-USB Mini 5Pin 2M

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  1. Bandridge: “Bandridge” is the brand name or manufacturer of the cable. Brand names help identify the company or entity that produces the product.
  2. USB Mini 5-Pin Cable: This cable features a USB Mini 5-Pin connector on one end. USB Mini 5-Pin is a type of connector commonly used in older mobile phones, digital cameras, and other portable devices for data transfer and charging.
  3. USB-A M: The other end of the cable has a USB-A connector with a male (M) end. USB-A is the standard USB connector found on computers, laptops, chargers, and many other USB devices.
  4. USB Mini 5Pin: The “USB Mini 5Pin” refers to the type of connector used on one end of the cable. It is specifically designed to fit devices with a USB Mini 5-Pin port.
  5. 2M: This specifies the cable length, which is 2 meters (approximately 6.6 feet). The cable’s length is important to consider based on the distance between the devices you want to connect.


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